Cobb Commissioners May Oppose Controversial House Bill


MARIETTA, GA — Cobb Commissioner Bob Ott is hoping the board will back a resolution opposing a piece of legislation he believes will take away local control of communities. The Georgia house, according to Ott, is currently considering House Bill 302 that would prohibit Cobb County and other local governments from regulating building design elements of single- or double-family dwellings.

"People move to different communities because they like the look and feel of the area," Ott said. "They want to protect their neighborhoods and often work with their local elected officials to do so."

Ott is working with county agencies to get resident’s input on the design and layout of parts of District 2. One of those efforts, the Johnson Ferry Shallowford (JOSH) Small Area Plan, has held a series of community meetings to seek input pertaining to land use, design guidelines, parks and greenspace facilities, and infrastructure. Ott worries the proposed legislation would stop such efforts.

"Commissioners consistently work with different citizen’s groups to ensure the quality of development in Cobb County," Ott said. "This helps us keep Cobb the type of community most people move here for."

The commission will consider the resolution during their February 26 meeting at 7 pm at 100 Cherokee Street in Marietta.

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