Marietta Motorsports In Marietta, Georgia, Closing In February

Marietta Motorsports in Marietta, GA. Photo by David Swarts, copyright Roadracing World Publishing, Inc.

Hi folks, Huey here.

This will be one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do:

We’re closing with a non-firm deadline of mid-Feburary.

I’ve poured my heart, soul, 12 years of my life and literally every penny (no exaggeration) I have into the place (As have a lot of other people). And although it looks like we possibly could make it, I simply can’t accept the risks anymore. I have ultimate responsibility and causation of failures here. The market doesn’t help. The location doesn’t help but it’s my fault. And I’ve put everything into it. I’ve tried. For a long time.

The plan for MarMo over the next month:

The Pugh’s have a way forward and several options. They’re awesome people with a great skill set. If anyone is looking for techs, especially west of here, I give them the highest recommendations I can give.
Clyde is Clyde and we all love him. He has and will continue to have opportunities greater than I’ve been able to give him.

I sincerely appreciate their efforts and patience especially the last few years.

Work here: We’re buttoning up bikes that we can now. We’re not rushing anything as we still have pride in our work. After that, I’ll be out of the house / storage finishing the bikes that are here. If you have a bike here (especially a project bike) we will be in touch soon. First priority is to get the work done and back in y’alls hands. I just ask patience. If that doesn’t meet your schedules then we will be as accommodating and helpful as possible getting what you need.

There is a POSSIBILITY of keeping the MarMotel at a storage location and continue to do trackside.

But very selfishly I need to work on what’s best for myself and family. We’ll see how this goes.

What will NOT happen is someone not being able to get in touch with me wondering where all their stuff is. Will not happen.

I assure everyone, I will do everything in my power to meet promises and commitments we / I have made.

My sincerest apologies. Thank you for the opportunities everyone has given us. Thank you to everyone that’s ever worked here. Thank you to everyone that’s ever walked through these doors or recommended us.

If anyone wants to start a shop I’ll entertain offers for most of the equipment as a package but right now am not looking to sell anything. Stay tuned though.

I will also be open to offers of employment myself. I’m going to look outside the Industry first. But am open to anything. Anywhere.

Adding a bit of reflection: in the 90s I worked out of my house after getting home from The Air Force or Lockheed. In 1999 I believe my friend Ed Everett asked me to prep him a EX500 as a race bike. I remember my answer “race? That’s dumb. That shits dangerous!” The first time I ever went to a motorcycle race was as a crew-chief. Hahahah

I use to be a go-to guy in WERA paddocks. Biggest year back then was with my SV650 that I built for Opie Caylor and then raced by my friend and now head tech at Traxxion Dynamics: Martin Musil.

Then got the offer from CR Gittere to work AMA races. Off we went!!! Back to Opie, Scott Carpenter for my first Daytona in 03, Blake Young on Matsushima Performance, Meli Peris… and countless, countless others in WERA, AMA and MotoAmerica over the years.

In 2006 I quit flying with the Air Force and took an early retirement from Lockheed and bought MarMo. Been a helluva ride ever since.

Most amazing times of my life was crew chief in Isle of Man with CR Gittere then Brandon Cretu who then took me to Macau, China.

Met Anne Roberts at one of our first track days and focused everything I had with her for years. First track day to amazing pro finishes. I like to think I was a big part of that. Man, she’s fast.

Even got to do a little racing myself! Including a regional championship in the over 40 class, podiums on EX250s (you read that right) and my greatest finish in my opinion: 2nd in 600 superstock (it was in the rain and everyone was on DOTs! But I’m taking it!). Won my share of concussions and crashes too.

And track days?! Wrote and taught the N2 raceschool and we’ve met amazing people working trackside with STT and Trackday Winner!

I’ve made a lot of friends across the world with this industry. Lost a few to it….

I helped everyone I can. I’ve made mistakes. Tried to learn from them. I’ve tried my best.

I now have a beautiful supportive girlfriend that I want to make my wife and have a family and life… and this shop doesn’t support that.

I’m sorry that’s all I can get out now.

Love all y’all,

Craig "Huey" Stewart

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