The Best Sites And Landmarks In Atlanta

If you want to have a vacation that is larger-than-life, you need to go to Atlanta. This city in Georgia has some of the most incredible activities for tourists, and also the people that live there every day. Some of them are incredibly massive, whereas others are part of this huge fan base that you can join in on. Let’s look at two of the top places you can go, plus a few others, if you really want to enjoy a vacation in Atlanta Georgia.

Why You Should Visit The Georgia Aquarium

There are a few facts about this aquarium that you really need to know. First of all, it is the largest aquarium that you will ever see, specifically in the Western Hemisphere. It is gigantic, containing several thousand species of fish, all in one location. You have probably seen pictures of it with children standing out front, looking very small in front of this massive wall of water. It really is that large, and when you go there you won’t be able to believe how incredible this aquarium actually is. It is the perfect destination if you are bringing your kids with you. You will be able to easily find it on Baker Street.

Walking Dead Tours

This phenomena started several years ago when a show on AMC started to gain a lot of popularity. At first, it was assumed that this zombie show with simply disappear, never to be thought of again. However, it was the relationships between characters, and this constant threat of zombies attacking them, that really rallied everyone together. It became a sensation, and now you can go on Walking Dead tours where you can actually go to places where the filming was done. This will include a professional zombie actor guide which is worth the price of admission. You also are transported around in an air conditioning coach. There will be plenty of gifts that you can buy to commemorate this experience, plus you will see many people just like you that love the show. It is a fantastic way to have fun in Atlanta by feeling like you are part of the show.

If you are not into aquariums, or if The Walking Dead is not familiar to you, don’t worry at all. There are many other things to see. You can go to the Martin Luther King Jr. National historic site, the Atlanta botanical Garden, or you can take one of the many food tours that will introduce you to Southern cuisine. All of these things, and many more, will make your trip to Atlanta very special.