VIDEO: Watch Marietta (Ga.) High School sophomore Matthew Castaldo squat 565 pounds

Matthew Cataldo is a sophomore football lineman and shot putter at Marietta (Ga.) High School. He’s young, but he’s plenty strong already.

During a spring training session, Cataldo got himself psyched up, walked up to the bar and promptly squatted 565 pounds, three times. That would be impressive for a college football player, let alone a high school sophomore.

Yet there’s Cataldo, cranking out 565 pound reps, both in preparation for shot put competition and the football offseason. And as soon as he finished, it was clear he was ready for more.

Cataldo is allegedly 6-foot, 280 today, which means he has plenty of time to grow into a college football-ready frame. For now, he’s got more than enough size and strength to compete at a high level in Marietta.

Put simply, we wouldn’t want to be lined up against him come fall 2019.

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